Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  What is Meetmed?
    Meetmed is short for meeting medic, which is a website for multidisciplinary scientific medical events documentation.

2.  What is the content at Meetmed?
    The contents are medical videos  and slides display  that play simultaneously, also forum.

3.  Who are the viewers  at Meetmed?

4.  How much is the membership to view the content at Meetmed website?
    It is 100% free.

5.  How could I have access to the content?
    You can simply register in our website, confirm through your email, and log in through
    Meetmed with your new username and password.

6.  How could I play the video?
    Just click the video thumbnail, it will play automatically.

7.  Can I play the video through my smartphone?
    For sure.

8.  When I play the video, it often stops?
    When you firstly choose the video, please wait the video for buffering  2-3 minutes before you
    play it (depends on your internet connection), then you may play.

9.  If we (doctors) who are the organizing committee of certain medical event whose events
    want to be archived in Meetmed, may we invite you to archive our events? How much does it cost?
    Yes, of course, we welcome any invitation to all medical events in Indonesia whose events
    want  to be archived in Meetmed, and we do not charge at all. Please send us your invitation
    through our email: [email protected] or call: 081210000980 (steven).
10. What are the term and condition for medical events to be archived?
    * Our services are free
    * It has to be scientific medical events
    * We have rights to delete logo or symbol of certain Pharmaceutical companies in the speaker’s slide power point.

11. Can I copy, download, or print the videos and power point slides at Meetmed?
    Videos and power point slides submitted to meetmed will not be distributed to any other party, slides
    are  intended  to be viewed by streaming, without download or printing purposes to the public.

12. Why I cannot copy, download or print the videos and power point?
    Meetmed’s concept is a library of medical events documentation, you could see but you could not have
    it. We highly appreciate intellectual right and convenience of the speakers for sharing their knowledge.

13. For how long the videos kept at Meetmed?
    We are trying our best to keep the video as long as we could, we are thinking of years may be permanent.

14. Is Meetmed open for advertisements?
    Yes we are, please contact: [email protected] or call: 081210000980 (steven).


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